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Read the items below to see how to move forward with Neuro-Health.

1. Intake

Submit the form on this page and all requested patient information.

2. Authorization

Neuro-Health will contact your insurance to determine if you have coverage for ABA services. Once we know that you are approved, a BCBA may be assigned to your case.

3. Assessment

To determine how many hours of ABA services your child may need, the BCBA will conduct an in depth assessment of your child in your home.

4. Approval

After the assessment is submitted to your insurance carrier, the carrier approves a specific number of hours of service per week for your child. This approval process can take up to 15 business days.

5. Therapy

Once therapy begins, it is important to maintain consistency to accurately measure progress and outcomes. Data collected during therapy sessions will be monitored by the BCBA and modifications to the Treatment/Behavior plan will be made based on both data outcomes and child and family goals.

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